Sunday, November 4

Who Won? "Not us."

The next day we went out early, saw the ruins of the Parthenon, the site of the ancient Theatre of Bacchus, the Temple of Theseus, the sixteen columns that still remain standing of the divine Olympieion; but i was most moved by the ancient gate through which one once came out of the ancient city into the new, where surely a thousand beautiful people once greeted one another in a single day. Now one comes neither into the ancient nor into the new city through this gate, and it stands there mute and desolate like a dried-up fountain from whose pipes clear, fresh water once sprang with friendly splashes.
O! i said, while we walked about, it is a marvellous game that destiny plays here, toppling the temples and giving the shattered stones to the children to throw about, making mutilated gods into benches before peasant huts and tombs into places of rest for grazing bulls, and such prodigality is more regal than the wantonness of Cleopatra when she drank the melted pearl. But it is shame nonetheless for all the greatness and beauty!

Even at that hour when the grey sky of St. Petersburg is shrouded in total darkness and all its race of officials have dined and sated the...